What are 'scientific sports'?

Scientific sports are not sports. Nor are they sciences. The term of 'scientific sports' consists of two parts, 'scientific' and 'sports'. Let us consider two words respectively.

In this context, 'scientific' does not mean the ways in science, but the ways in scientific communities. In scientific communities, there are many customs that are not included in science itself but are regarded as essential activities. For instance, writing a paper is not a scientific way, but is needed to pursue scientific activities. Focusing on writing a paper, the ways of writing vary from communities to communities. Citation style is one of them. If you cite previous work with APA style or MLA style, the value of your scientific findings does not change.

'Sports' mean 'not research activities'. Thus, scintific sports, scientific arts and scientific literature are probably the same concepts. You will not be a professor however hard you are playing and pursuing scientific sports because scientific sports is not research activities.

Kimwipe table tennis is a scientific sport because Kimwipe is not science and table tennis is not a research activity. Submitting a paper to Scientific Sports, however, is controversial.